Saturday, November 28, 2009

Car Connection

I have been dreaming of driving my own car. I know a bit about driving but I am not familiar about cars. It has been settled in my mind that when i reach my middle age I would own a ford fiesta. I thought it would be a very luxury, that I would never ever had. But they say why not dream big and dream about chevrolet. I started browsing the site and look for some cars that would not be far from that dream... Whoa, I got this lamborghini , and do I need to be a princess to have one like this? What if someday my dream cars come true. What a surprise, my daughter who is just about eleven years old asked me about having her own car too. She dreamt not just cars but hybrid cars. Fortunately, I found this site about car connection. Without a real knowledge in choosing the best car, the site explains all about the cars. The site has full review about Ford that I first dreamed of when I was a child. I know nothing about this car but with the help of detailed information on the site, I now know what particular brand and model will I choose.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Short Post

Can't visit/bloghop right now, but I promise to make up as soon as i can. Thanks, thanks so much.

Tickets For You

I honestly am the most impatient person in the world when it comes to purchasing tickets or standing in long line waiting to be served, even for paying utility bills. For me, it is a waste of time. And so, watching concerts and standing in line for a single ticket is a no-no for me. I remember the last time I planned about watching concert of my favorite artist was last year but did not push through because of my busy schedule and was discouraged about the long line for buying tickets.

Just last night, my friend who is in Florida phoned me and told me about this show of Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets. She purchased the tickets in advance. And you know what? She did it in just one click. She was able to reserve a cheapseat for David Copperfield Tickets. That would be her early Christmas gift to her nephews who are magical show fanatic. She bragged me about the show that she just purchased right over the internet. Sometimes when we wish to watch our favorite artist, we end up staying at home because of the long lines for tickets, and even worst we end in a seat that we never wish to have. Of course a comfortable seat is just right to enjoy what we have paid for. All the while, our favorite artist like Barbra Streisand tickets is just one click away. Just imagine the most successful entertainer performing right in front of you. Oh, it will be one unforgettable moment for a lifetime for me. So, why don't you just click the site and have the best seat at a very affordable price. Experience the easier way of acquiring the best seat and enjoy the show.

Things To Make You Smile

This is an email from my cuz few days ago. Thanks for remembering me always. Small thoughts but it means a lot to me. God bless you cuz!

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your life
Just by being part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh
Until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believe
That there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you
That there really is an unlocked door
Just waiting for you to open it.


My daughter has been dramatically complaining about her locker in school. Most students especially in secondary education were also concerned about their lockers. The school had lockers provided for all students to keep their things inside that are not needed to bring in and out of school. At first, my daughter complained about the space since it's not even enough for her stuff. Everything is cluttered inside. One locker assigned to her is placed in a very uncomfortable position that she had a hard time getting her things needed for the day especially when she's in a rush. I just browsed this site in the internet and so fortunate to have found school lockers that I would absolutely recommend in their school administration. The site offers high quality locker with a very low price.

What is so unique with their lockers are their style and color. Besides, the company had been in the business for many years and so they already know what is needed in a particular company or school. They also offer installation and give the best quotes for large orders. I would suggest to grab this lockers for sale that only happens once with their latest design. You can visit their website provided in the link above for designs, shipping details, pricing, accessories and everything you needed for a locker.

Monday, November 23, 2009

on blog holiday

i already have dealt with my stress. everything went smoothly last week except that i can't post right now and update my blog. i'll try to bloghop later. i'll be on blog holiday for a week or two or until the transfer of my dsl takes effect. thanks all who drop by and left comment in my blog. miss you all folks!


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The company offers the best price and you can select from wide variety of their product. I am dreaming about this installed in my dream house and I know this will be very soon. I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed. I have checked from different website offering mailboxes but this site topped them all. I can't wait to have the one with this very elegant design.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

im stressed out

I've been so stressed lately and here's the list of things that I need to accomplish:

1. can't post here number one in my list that caused me to be stressed out
and what follows here has just added to my stressful day..
2. 3 pending task in blogsvert
3. math tutorial for my daughter
4. eon debit card
5. tv, rice cooker, movie player, mediacom were broken, need replacement/repair
6. landline, dsl, cable...
7. renew/update of everything..

i hope to get all these things done this week. i'm just sooo soooo stressed...:(
stressed is desserts spelled backwards and so i need to run now to the nearest store for my favorite chocolates to destress.

Tuesday Couch Potatoes

I missed last week theme western movies and if I'm to submit my entry it would be Legends of the Fall for primary reason being Brad Pitt in the cast and the story behind it. Sorry Kikamz , I've been too busy into something, I'll try to catch up every week for Tuesday Couch Potatoes.

So here's my entry for this week's American Presidents or First Families in the Movie.
Mine is Air force One.

I couldn't think anyone other than Harrison Ford to play the perfect role of American president in this movie. The movie is about the president's plane being hijacked by a group of militant Russian nationalists and tried to ransom the president and his family onboard the plane for the release of captured Russian general. Just like any other movies, there are some unimaginable scene in real life like hanging out at the back end of plane twice for hundreds of miles per hour. Overall, I like the movie from begining to end since the story has its own good effects with some action, tension and drama scenes.

Full summary up here.
Trailer of the movie courtesy of

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao VS Cotto

The most exciting fight few moments from now will happen in the history of boxing. Manny is the first boxer to fight in 7 different weights. Go Manny go!!

“I look at Cotto as my toughest fight. I’m not worried about moving up in weight. I wasn’t worried when I accepted the fight with Oscar De La Hoya and I wasn’t worried when I accepted this fight with Cotto. Will I knock him out? My lips are sealed.” - Manny Pacquiao

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Think about the most wonderful treasure in the world. Or the ultimate gift you want to receive? Or an assets that will never depreciate. What could be better other than gold? I found this website and was glad that one particular Aurum Advisors Website answers all about gold investments. Invest your money that will go a long way. If you need anything with your gold, whether to buy, sell or anything you want for your gold, it's all here, everything in the site.

Think about dollars in your savings. Expand more of your money and double the investment other than sleeping in the bank. As the dollar fluctuate, same as the stock market, the value of goods goes up too. And to think that market is open 24hours a day, you can buy and sell your gold in any part of the world anytime. Invest in real goods with gold. With Aurum Advisors Website, they can provide anything right in one click be it Gold Bullion Coins or Certified Gold Coins. With reliable service, your asset is in full trust delivered right in your doorstep. Click for yourself and experience what I am talking about.

Friday, November 13, 2009

my daughter and her experience seeing Hilary Clinton

This is not about who is Hillary Clinton and I have no idea why she visited Manila. I've just heard from the news about the VFA ties between US and the Philippines, and financial help extended by US government for Ondoys victim particularly in Marikina. I just had to write this short post just as excited as my daughter about Hillary Clinton's itinerary set to visit their school today. I saw in my daughters eyes last night her excitement as she prepares her American flag banner. Yes, excited! She told me that she needs to be in school an hour earlier than her usual schedule. And it's all worth it as she said, seeing Hillary Clinton is an experience she will never forget and a bonus to see Chris Tiu, co-host of Survivor Philippines. (photosource)

Real Property Management

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Mommy Moments: Sporty Day!

mommy moments

It's Friday once again. I dig through some old photos of my kids and here's what I've got, "biking as their sport."

swimming as the only recreation that we consider a sport and leisure!
"i can do it for the olympics mom."

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

GT: ohlala chocolates..

Forget about the calories. Oh lala, its chocolates. When you're feeling blue, all you have to do is take some chocolates. Coz, when I am, I just sit down with chocolates full in my hand. And that makes me feel so relax. Here are some of my favorites.

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Have a break, take some chocolates!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is so surprising! The best AC Compressor and all AC parts that can be purchased through dealers are now open to public. High quality AC parts are now available in all several different types of cars. The price they offer is affordable and with the same high quality parts that only dealers have access before. You can check everything in the site. All you need to do is head over to for all your ac compressor and other parts need.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Is In the Air

Would you believe that Christmas in the Philippines starts in ber-months, yes! September, ends late of January and that's the longest Christmas ever in the world. You will hear christmas song cranking in all radio stations and right after halloween, carolers are already snuggling outside your door with their musical instruments like tambourine made from bottle tops and cans of milk used as drums. Houses decorated with christmas decors and shoppers are starting to buy gifts for their loved ones.

ABS-CBN launched their Christmas Station ID last Sunday in their noontime show, ASAP. I just watched Christmas Station ID of Kapamilya and is so very touching with the message that after the storm that we've been through, the Filipinos are still very hopeful for a better, brighter christmas this year.

Queen Torrent

Now that internet has different search engine, it is just right to choose which will give you the best benefits. Personally, much of my time now is spent online and so for me, search engine must be a valuable one. For me, the only search engine with simple interface is my new found tv torrents.

With tv torrent, you'll get all the benefits including the powerful search engine. Besides, downloading now is made easy and you can get all the files complete. Before I learned about tv torrent, I oftentimes experienced downloading incomplete or even empty files. With tv torrent, you need not worry about downloading games, music, videos or even films for free because you'll be assured of its complete files.

Torrent files based is updated so you won't be sorry online since it covers thousands of sites added to the database regularly. Nothing beats the helpful benefits they offer for online users like me. Stay linked and enjoy their unlimited offer!

Mommy Moments: Lets Pretend

mommy moments

Thank God Its Friday! It's Mommy Moments Day and our theme for this week is Let's Pretend.
MM is celebrating its first anniversary few weeks from now. Congratulations Mommy Moments!

please bear with this photograph.
she loves pretending like a fairy and she wishes she could fly too.

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Political Forums

We are all equal. We are born free, equal in every rights and we have our own voice to speak out right here, right now. Anything you want the world to know, whatever topics you want to discuss even political or health concern is just right here in this site. You can discuss anything that you wanted. The step is very easy. All it takes is just a single minute, just click the site, register and that's it. You're ready to post whatever you wanted, head over to political chat rooms and feel free to discuss political issues. We're living in a free world anyway.


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. - Rabindranath Tagore-

*photo courtesy of my 9-year old daughter

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to software or anything for my computer. There are different programs running in my pc right now. Yesterday, I just deleted some files, or programs that I rarely used. I oftentimes delete some that are still needed to run for the programs and get dismayed with what I did. When I bought my pc, I really don't know about anything. I just went to shop and checked the best package that they offer. When I got home, I even asked a nearby computer shop to help me install new programs. I spent much for the service and that includes installing new programs in my pc. Whenever I download any software, I always checked if this is useful or just eating space in my computer. With shareware, it is much easier to users like me to download anything on a trial basis. I can compare whether to purchase or not to continue the service. For a first time user, this is very useful since I can try before purchasing the full version of the software. As I browsed the internet, I found out that Outlook duplicate remover is now available. It is a very basic knowledge that before the removal, you need to first choose and search the files to be removed. Head over to the link above, check the Clone Remover and follow the basic procedure provided in the site.

GT: My Favorite Drinks

TGIT=Thank God It's Thursday! Time for party for Girls Talk on Thursday. I love doing this post discovering more of bloggers who joined this meme.

Whats keeping me chill on a hot summer days?
I so love super cold coca cola. Who could resist this for snack? Think about spaghetti, hamburger or pancit for merienda. It wouldn't be complete without this coca cola. Oohh, I just love the aaahhh in this soda...

And what's keeping me hot on a cold and rainy days?
Either with cream, black or just sugar in my hot coffee, it always brightens up my day. Have you tried coffee shake? Well, I did! Put some ice, a little creamer, and that's it.

during those days, I call it the saddest point of my life, San Mig Light keeps me up. I honestly admit, SML has been my companion when I can't help but cry all night.. (aaah, forget about those days.) I am not proud to say I don't easily get tipsy. I can drink as much as 4 to _ bottles and still very much of myself.

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Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink too much. Then again, don't drink too little. ~Herman "Jackrabbit" Smith-Johannsen

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Screen Pass

Halloween has always been a day of celebration not only with our loved ones who passed away but it also served as a reunion with family. Although Monday was declared holiday, still, three days for the weekend doesn't seem to be enough for us including the 5-hour long trip going home. Now I'm back to my daily routine. I woke up early this morning to prepare my children to school. I just went back to sleep after doing my task as a stay-at-home-mom. It was a long deep relaxing sleep. I woke up again just a few minutes before I fetch my kids. But before I headed to school, I turned my computer on and I thought of updating my post since I still have few extra time. Surprisingly, checking mails already ate up my time and so I hurriedly went back to school without turning off my computer. Since I knew that it will only take a few moment, it didn't bother me anymore leaving my computer on. To my surprise without any pre-announcement, classes were extended for more than half an hour for make-up classes. Good thing, I have this auto log off in my computer. I need not have to worry anymore on who will turn off in some cases like this. I have this screen locking system, more over, I have the options to choose from, logout, restart, shutdown or powerdown. Oh, you see the wonders of this system, truly amazing!


It's Tuesday once again. Time for couch potatoes. I am fond of drama movies and for this week's theme, Blood Diamond is just a perfect movie for me. I watched this movie way back 2007. I think the movie suits more for older audience because of its violence and gore. Leonardo made me cry in the last scene when he talked with Maddy on the phone. I love him more in this movie. Also, the scene in Africa is really satisfying, the views are magnificent too.
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A South African mercenary and a Mende fisherman find their fates forever intertwined as they embark on a quest to obtain a rare and highly coveted pink diamond in director Edward Zwick's frantic adventure drama. Ripped from his family farm and forced to toil away in the sweltering South African diamond fields, Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) discovered an extraordinary rough stone of immeasurable value. Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a hired gun who specializes in the sale of so-called "blood diamonds" that are used to finance rebellions and terrorist organizations, and is currently serving time for smuggling. As a bloody civil war rages in Sierra Leone and Archer learns that Vandy has safely hidden the diamond in a place where no one would ever suspect, the pair enlist the aid of disillusioned American journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) in recovering the treasure that has the power to save Vandy's family and provide the desperate Archer with a much-needed chance for redemption. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou, Jimi Mistry, Michael Sheen, Arnold Vosloo, David Harewood, Basil Wallace, Benu Mabhena, Ntare Mwine, Ato Essandoh, Kagiso Kuypers, Anthony J. Coleman (source)

PDF Search Engine

I stayed late last night with online project. Actually, it wasn't mine, a friend just asked some help from me, bugging and begging me for this downloads. Since all that it takes is just one click, I thought it would be easier for me and voluntarily helped her to finish it. Searching online takes only few minutes only if you knew the title, the author and detailed information. But once you've clicked the link on the keyword, you'll be disappointed and confused on different links offered in the internet. Moreso, you'll end up searching again after wasting time on the links which is not really important or needed in the project. But now at last, there's this search pdf where you can save time, effort on all your files needed for search engine. It is also updated and majority of the books here are in the convenient pdf format. Please check out this site. See the difference and enjoy with all its convenience surfing the net especially for pdf user.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Im back! look here, i've got something to celebrate

I/m back and so is with my PR!. I am really surprised right now that my blog is PR3. Yay! Just to give you a short update, I just came back from our halloween weekend. Thanks all, to those who left comments on my posts and mesages in my chatbox. I'll do my bloghopping tomorrow. Goodnight!

Online Car Search

There is no easier way of finding new or used car other than online car search. Unlike other site, they not only focus on purchasing used and new cars but they offer a service even about car leasing, contract hire or van leasing. So, even if you're into new or used cars, and you need competitive loans and insurance, this site will provide all the links that will indeed help you decide everything about the car that you've been searching for a long time, whether finance, pay cash or lease. I think life is much easier now when everything is nothing but just a click.