Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Meyz

A double dutch cake for my daughter's birthday yesterday. Though I didn't feel better, I managed to prepare for that big day for her and that's what mothers are there for. Some of her friends and cousins came to celebrate.

Sharing food for you. Pinoy spaghetti, you like? :) I thanked my sisters who were there and helped me prepare something for her birthday. I was overly tired and I still feel more sleep and rest right now. There's only one thing that I wish for, I hope that she stays healthy and responsible. Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby!!


amiable amy said...

waa...nagutom tuloy ako....i been requesting my hubby to cook spag for me....sarap ng cake to have a break to have a dinner its almost 10...pagalitan na naman ako ni Dj=hemz nito hahaha

nuts said...

Amy, thanks for the comment. Pinoy na pinoy ang spaghetti ko, manamis namis at halo asim.. Ooops blogging muna later na ang dinner, haha.