Sunday, April 12, 2009

so i truly deserved this..

What did you do on Good Friday?

In observance of Holy Week, I told my kids not to use internet. And so that's the rule I set in. If we can't avoid using it, at least minimize in time for Holy Week. Came Friday, I broke the rule. I opened the inet to chikka my sister for free messaging. Justifiable, right? I told my kids I will use it only for chikka for few minutes. So to be fair.

But after chikka, I thought of opening multiply. Not valid for an excuse anymore. So there. I opened one particular album and I did not realize I was already using much time in the internet. I focussed in one of the album and moved and rearranged it. And so what happened next? I was terrified! Yes. Was dismayed when I found out that comments therein were deleted. Oh no! All sweet thoughts from my friends, birthday greetings were all gone.

I contact Multiply Support Group right away and told them what I've encountered. And this is their prompt reply to my query.

service wrote on Apr 10


Unfortunately, comments are lost when photos are transfered from one album to another. Can you please provide me with a link to the album where the comments were lost?

- Jack

Despite the efforts that I made, I found no way of retrieving the comments. Do you think I deserve this? So an answer to myself. I think so! Karma!

So what did you do on Good Friday? Did you devote your time for reflection or just a few hours of it?

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