Sunday, April 12, 2009

having a baby shih tzu

The first time Magic came to us, I felt very excited, my younger daughter too, that browses a lot in the internet about shih tzu even before this Magic came to our life. As a first-time pet-owner, I was not aware that giving him a bath everyday means putting his health at risk. I thought that it was needed to make him healthy treating him like human just like baby.(how funny/stupid/weird/silly of me?) To add to a silly/ier thing, i gave him twice-a-day-bath (a day ha) last week to look good before vet clinic. That's the weirdiest thing I did! I wanted him to be fresh and clean everyday. The other reason behind is, my little daughter keeps on cuddling him and i want to make sure he is safe to play with. Little did i know that my overly protective way of pampering will make his skin/fur dry and natural oils/health defense will be removed by frequent bathing. Thanks God nothing happened to him. When we consulted vet for his vaccine I asked this thing that caused me much worries. The vet said that bathing should not be too often. Once-a-week-bath is ok and during hot summer for at most, twice-a-week-bath.

From then on, i checked the website all about shih tzu. Thanks for e-technology that in just one click, you'll get right away all the information needed. I now completely understand how delicate and how sensitive they are. Shih tzu's by nature are very loving and friendly. So if you are a working mom, you better have or adapt other breeds that need not much of your attention. Shih tzu demands much time. Separation anxiety will be the problem if you work all day leaving your pet alone.
So my Magic is in the right hand i guess.

I am now teaching him some tricks. He is still a baby, but he understands simple tricks like sit/stay. For this stage, 2-3 months, more patient is needed because these natured loving shih tzu are naughty too that he sometimes will ignore you even calling him by his name. One of his characteristics, to balance with his sweetness, is stubborness (mind of his own). So better be consistent and let him know that you mean every words that you say.

Magic is so loving. He knows he is much loved and he gives back the love in his own way. He politely sit when asked to. He looks through your eyes and wags his tail as appreciation. (i guess, i read him right) I don't expect too much from him or any harder trick for he is still a baby. Stages will come and soon before i realize, he already knew how to fetch, drop it, roll over, etc tricks. I hope, housebreaking rules too by that time.

He knows I'm blogging about him. Did he? I click the webcam but I apologized for this photograph, he is not ready for the camera and haven't brushed his hair yet. He is not photogenic too. :)

I call him baby shih tzu rather than puppy. My "babe/baby" when in sweet mode. His name "Magic" is from original owner, and "Jeek" by my daughters. That makes him confused calling him by different name that results to ignoring when called.
I'm in writing mode now.. I have all the time in the world anyway! :)

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