Tuesday, March 31, 2009

graduation thoughts

this morning, i attended my daughter's graduation ceremony. my daughter ranked number 14 out of 574 graduates of batch 09. she received a special award for acceleration where she finished elementary as fast learner for five years. i knew that everything is just a beginning. soon, she'll enter into a secondary level and my part is to mold her and prepare her for more changes, challenges and demands that will come her way in her studies. my endless journey of being mom will never stop, i know i still have a long long way to go and so she is.

in the program, there was a part wherein the graduates offered their certificates to their parents, with this very touching song, "paano kita pasasalamatan," i really dont know why tears suddenly came into my eyes and clouded my sight, oh God, No! hide away the tears! i can't! so emotional again. she hugged and kissed me as i put her the graduation corsage.. what a.. :'(

was it really about 8 years ago when i first enrolled her in nursery? it was like yesterday when we're in a bookstore picking her favorite coloring book and nursery rhymes. i just can't believe that this coming school year she'll be with other teens older than her age.

i am but the proudest mom..

hey my little lady, here's a rocky road cake for you... hhmmmm, but i hope that it won't be rocky anymore. listen, accept and face the challenges of life, no matter how rocky it is... :)

More on graduation...

the event was covered by GMA. one of her classmate, Isah, (the valedictorian of the class and known as the genius isah) was given an excellent award by GMA Network. here in this photo, the network requested to cover some part during their class session and this was taken after the grad. i just dont know when this will be aired. I actually have the clip but i opt not to post. I was behind the cameraman and took some videos of them.. camera rolling, roll camera, stand by, 5,4,3,2,1.. take 2, take 3... When i put flash on my camera, one crew looked back and wondered where that flash came from. I sensed that i disturbed them, so, I stepped out of the room. i may ask myself, did I? sure!.. :D

batch 2009 accelerated class - einstein

maizi with classmates.. ver, isah, nina and sam..

Congrats Mai from all of us here!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

magic moment

this is Magic, my new baby...
a shih tzu..
hey kids, please don't get jealous..

makulit, malambing..
jil loves magic so much, plays, hugs and takes care of magic.
magic will soon be visible at dogster.
for the love of magic.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

toss a coin

because we only have one desktop, and two girls are fighting on who will use the pc first, i tossed a coin on who will use the the pc first and then after an hour. my older daughter choose "tao" and jill for "ibon."

and who won?

after almost two-hour..
Jill: Ma, mai seems like she's using pc for more than two hours?

Mom: No! You check the time.. your turn will be one hour after.

Maizi: (laughs..whispers) Ma, I set the date and time pc, Im using this for almost two hours already. (laughs again) :D

Mom: hhhmmmm... you naughty and naughtier than your little sis.

It was a silly thing and i told her of course not a good practice to fool around but she reasoned out that she was just playing jokes on her little sis..

Coin flipping or coin tossing is the practice of throwing a coin in the air to resolve a dispute between two parties or otherwise choose between two alternatives. Coin flipping as a game was known to the Romans as "navia aut caput" (ship or head), as some coins had a ship on one side and the head of the emperor on the other. In England, this game was referred to as cross and pile.
(From wikipedia, free encyclopedia)

driving me nuts

today is just the start of this sooooo long vacation. we've been waiting for this day to come, and here it is now but its driving me nuts.. waking up so late in the morning makes me feel heavy and sick but staying up so late gives me much energy..

nothing.... im just so nuts again!

i got a real good talk with my kumare.

times up!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

youtube mood

I was in youtube and searching for zoo band and i got stuck into this channel, with amazing talent. check other videos here, inspector mills, with or without you, africa and all of 80's song on their gigs. arnel pineda on zoo band then and THE ZOO band now is equally talented with amazing voice!!


check this out!! soooo 80s..

please do watch with or without you and see what gets me addicted. if you're into 80's, watch the band cover of TFF, america and spandau ballet hits. its worth to stay late.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

pre-grad treat

pre-grad blowout together with my co-parents, teachers and batch 09 accelerated class. ->lechon, spag, chicken, beef calderata and lot more.. but i took some picture of what i think would satisfy my growling tummy..

hmmmnn, i've been craving for this pancit malabon..

and my lunch for the day...

after all the fish and veggie diet for almost a month now,
I think I'm gonna break that diet now,
but lemme count the calories first... :p

more pictures uploaded in my multiply..


after few hours sleep, my baby looks refresh again. She still have rashes but is invisible. what shes worried about is her vacation. she was thinking that she can't play around again and needed two months recovery period like before. she's fine now and i'm fine too.. :) shes back into silly thing, but still a sweet darling..

Monday, March 23, 2009

downside of me

nothing makes me feel miserable or worse than seeing my daughter sick. Jill is sick. im so upset and it makes me feel so sick too. :'( We consulted pediatrician this morning because of some rashes with initial findings, allergy. *sigh*... she's ok this time. she had a long hours sleep due to some sedative effect of her anti allergy med.. just can't help but cry and sigh.. i still feel this trauma when jill got sick last year and i need some prayer and help from above to overcome this. It's still on my mind.. :'(

secrets of the master

last night, i was able to catch the episode of "secrets of the master" where maizi is regularly watching on QTV. i saw her seriously watching Chef Logro and so i note down some tips on food presentation. it wasn't that easy especially when you're not in actual preparation.:( we watched the episode rellenong chicken binakol and lengua estofada segoviana. i tried to browse the website today, unfortunately, no menu or image came out, only rellenong chicken or binakol. i have the image below for lengua estofada but it wasn't the exact presentation last night as segoviana, but closely match the image.

I don't have the menu and everything but it's the secrets of the master i can share.

in cooking or boiling green vegetable being use for food presentation, you need to soak the boiled veggies at once in cold water with ice to retain its freshness and greenness.

in cooking meat like pork, beef and fish fillet, use mustard cream. the flavor of something salty, something sweet, something sour comes from the mustard.

executive Chef Pablo “boy” Logro is the first filipino to attain the executive chef position among five star hotel chefs in Metro Manila.
he worked in Sultan as the master chef. his passion for food lead him to international culinary art and is now presently the Vice president of Hotel and Restaurant Chefs Association of the Philippines (HRCAP)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

unexpected visitor, this time, its my sis

been so busy that i wasn't able to take photo for todays image. my sister together with her family and ninang dropped by for a lunch. they stayed about an hour or two. we're all excited na for vacation, and yes, my kids. its the only time we can go around again and i think its not the summer but to escape from the noise and pollution of the city. Hoorrraaayyy, this time we'll be going to san juan. just a little bit farther than last year getaway. hhhmmmn, never been in san juan but i think i will love the place. i've seen the place featured several times in one travel show... my younger sister updated her blogs, and said that she read my entries. alrights! she's my blog reader. :)
for todays image.. and the highlight of my day..

i'm a busy bee.. :P

Trivia : Number of bees equal to the weight of one M&M's plain chocolate candy
The buzz : 9-10

Saturday, March 21, 2009

each child is unique

having two daughter, we have to learn that both of them has each own personality and unique individual.

while jill loves playing around with other playmates with her bike and scooter, my eldest would rather stay in bed reading stories and myths or watching tv alone.

i remember things that maizi didn't do when she was on jill's age. she's satisfied by just looking at her barbie dolls or when she plays it, she would put it back in one place, while jill loves playing dolls, undress it, paint the face with different colors, etc. i would always find jill inside the bathroom giving bath to her dolls while maizi's doll are properly kept and in fact some are still in a box. maizi gave her barbie nutcraker to jill and you guess what jill did? she gave a haircut to erics and change clothes, and put everything into mess.

it is important for us to realize that each of our child is unique, have their own character. and us parents, we need to acknowledge that siblings are Gods creation with unique character.

these undressed dolls have taken several baths and taken cared of by jill. and look at erics hair, he used to have a long hair before as Ken, the prince partner of barbie nutcracker. doll accessories were all gone. :D

while these are properly kept by ate maizi.

Friday, March 20, 2009

and why are you wearing mom's shoes?

she got the height definitely from her dad. she grows faster just like other kids who gets developed faster these days. and oh! thanks not my height.:(

Thursday, March 19, 2009


rush at the mall after school to buy a present for a friend

hhmmmnnn... lip smacking ice cream

can't complete without scoopery, and her flavor of the month..

cookies and cream

with other friends

my baby.. you're prettier in pink..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

on being mom

everytime i watch photos of my daughters during younger years, i cant help but sigh.. ten years have passed quickly. my little maizi then is so big now. she was three in this pic.. i missed those toddler times. she can't be my baby again that crawls and obviously cries for food and milk.. :p

i've been a fulltime mom since she was born, but i still feel that the time on being mom wasn't enough. i was beside her from the first day of her kindergarten years and it was just so hard for me to see her alone without mom in the first day of school.

even if i still want more time to spend on her younger years, i can never turn back time anymore. i still love staring at them while sleeping, like when they're still my baby. every single moment with them is a treasure.

sigh. i am thankful how God blessed me.

i am sharing some old pix during her kindergarten years. everything is beautiful in mother's eyes.

unexpected visitor

its a rare opportuniy and i guess once in a lifetime for one MAYA bird to drop by and visit my house. poor little birdie, maybe got lost and luckily landed in my hand.. i click my cam before freeing the bird for he/she maybe wants to be posted for todays image..

Monday, March 16, 2009


i ran out of idea today. my mind is empty. i can hardly think what to post here; in short, i'm in bad mood. i have draft on what made my day so bad but i dont think i could post it this time. let it be in draft page. it's late at night already, I should be in bed now so that I can get up early for tomorrow is maizi's recollection day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Cranberries Lyrics

one minute destress

we have 1,440 minutes a day, and so im using one minute of them to write when i possibly can. I was supposed to write this yesterday but i found myself so tired of doing weekend household chores. I started my day for my 21 coyfishes. its been few months since i cleaned my aquarium, and it gives me satisfaction even it was a difficult task for me to remove averything in the aquarium. I know they love clean environment too. Though theres a filter and running water to recycle, i still need to clean everything and all ornaments inside. I love to watch fishes and it mesmerizes me and it de-stresses my distressed mind. :( I'll try to have good photograph next time.

i tried to upload clear video but an error occured and still need to contact google support group..:(

Saturday, March 14, 2009

my journey tonight

its close to 11:00pm and journey band concert is rocking the world by this time,
and here i am now.... home... *cry* :'(

just so sad to be home now and wasn't able to find way for the concert..
the concert crowd must be in high spirit by this time, with bands soulful music yet so rock.. i could imagine the crowd singing... "so now I come to you with open arms... and the other song.. faithfully... and more.. ive been watching journey almost everyday in youtube.. i felt so bad to have missed the concert. im so sick right now and pretty sure still sick tomorrow.. :(


Toto concert, april last year left a mark in me, reminiscing the past thru their hits, i'll be over you and rosanna which they sang unrehearsed. it feels good how other young audiences love 80s songs. we were at the upperbox A seat only for the song africa which i truly enjoyed. i'm a certified toto fan, i have cd's of toto that i've collected many years back.

if you watch the video, you sure will get dissapointed for some songs sang unrehearsed, but being there at the concert with the crowd is truly satisfying.

friday night

HBO friday night "stardust".. looks serious in watching movie or maybe tired of that long week schooldays..

Did you know that Mulan is the most viewed disney movie by my kids?
They have memorized all the lines of the movie and watched it more than 30 times?
believe it or not.. i have memorized some lines of the script too:D

Friday, March 13, 2009

presenting.. my little summer girl

enjoying water in summer suit.. :)
some of her old pictures during summer

bikini open but of course she did not win the title. :)
i really miss those times when you were this age, :(
but i love to see you growing now into a smart little girl. :)


ms. sweden

ms. united nation/best costume


kasama ang batang Rizal

she's super cute here..

she was about 2 here

Thursday, March 12, 2009

bagong bihis

i tried this dark layout to put a little drama to my blogs. the other reason is to put contrast to my eyes that gets easily tired of then pale and light shade of color.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

summer with dad

these photos were taken summer of last year.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

monalisa smile

Last week, i saw my little jill at the mirror and so worried about her teeth. One permanent tooth is about to come out and needed enough space for it. After her class the following day, we visited dental clinic but then, she felt nervous. So we went back home and conditioned her so as not to develop fear of consulting dentist. I told her, "when you grow up, you'll have monalisa smile, to hide away unwanted look of her teeth."

Because I knew that shes prepared already, we went straight at dental clinic yesterday. The dentist is super girl and promised my little one that she wouldn't feel anything or pain. When I saw the dentist with the needle, I covered my little jills eyes so as not to see it. I told her that her dentist is going to massage her gums. So there in few seconds, everything is done. Jill asked me to take home her tooth fairy.

Jill: Mom, would you mean monalisa is hiding her unwanted teeth with her beautiful smile?

Mom: I don't really know but she smiles beautifully and never shows her teeth in photograph, the one who created Monalisa, maybe. :)

Now, shes more confident.. next week, we have an appointment again with the dentist. She is not afraid of the dentist anymore. She can face the world with beautiful smile not with monalisas. :)

todays image---> i was supposed to take photo but I forgot my camera
so i add this monalisas to complete my post.. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"i know what you did last summer..."

these are old photos...
summer getaway..

one-lane traffic.. full stop to give way.

nature tripping

simple things like this for us to keep coming back to this place, a view from the top
I got no photo for batangas int'l port, but next time, I'll try to have one. .

side by side cliff, sharp curve, along the way. if you dare and love adventure, go and experience, enjoy summer..
the other way of getting there is by boat via anilao, maybe 15 minutes or less..

feels good for a walk in the sand, just a crazy pics..

pieces of nature..

stay in a cottage

or rent a table..

enjoy the sun..

and the sunset..

clear water..

wannabe nuts blogger..
now you know what I did last summer..