Thursday, February 26, 2009

a must see event.. journey one night concert in Manila

Fresh from its much-hyped Super Bowl pre-game performance worldwide, Journey will perform in a one-night gig at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on March 14, Saturday.

Performing are Journey mainstays Neal Schon (guitars), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Ross Valory (bass) and Dean Castronovo (drums) — with, of course, our very own Arnel Pineda, the group’s new lead vocalist. It’s the Journey’s first performance in Manila with Arnel, after the group’s hit European and US tours.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ash wednesday, econo snack, todays image,

my kids attended wednesday mass this morning at school ground, and so came home with ash in their forehead.. today is ash wednesday. few more weeks for HOly week and summer is almost here..
nothing seems to be different today, other than this--> i prepared something new, its actually tipid snack. I wanna share this 5min preparation just in case you'd like to try.. :p

here it goes..

beat three eggs. heat the frying pan. put a little butter or oil. dip at least 8 slices of bread in beaten egg. simply fry the bread in a pre-heated pan. fry on one side and then turn over to do the other side.<-- this is, of course, a common sense that i just include, :D toast a little, and thats it. presto! you've got a nutritious snack in span of five minutes. :p

I thought of sharing some pic, unfortunately, before i click my camera on todays image, it was all gone, my kids totally love it.. all thats left were two sliced bread and a glass of ice tea. thanks, i still have some for merienda..
hhmmmmnn.. tastes beter when hot. my food presentation wasn't that good, hehe. but it really tastes better than egg sandwich.. it goes well with ice tea.. i spent only about, less than 50 pesos.. :D so tipid!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

todays image

whatta wait. it took 4 hours of waiting for ate to finish ET. jill and i spent much time of waiting, , walking around for nothing. attended 9am mass, parents orientation and print some old pics..

"we are sisters"
We saw a booth of this nice rosary bracelet and jill bought one for herself and one for ate.

snap shot, askew view.. -->

i shot in this angle.
have lunch but seems they're not enjoying their foodd.. :(

really need to rest and sleep to sawa.. i'm feeling so very lazy, dont feel good. :( i've finish everything anyway, exam, NAT, .. aND it's a holiday tomorrow. thanks Madame President for another long weekend.

gotta post this with two of todays images. I expect no inet but thanks we're still connected to the world!! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

life with a view

wake up time enough for a 6hrs sleep. prepared whole day meal, breakfast-> lunch-> snack.
seminar for online marketing.
starting to love it.
omg, i'm in love!! yes, im in love with the unit.. a site tripping at winland tower right at the heart of QC this morning. i just fall in love with this 2br unit..

i add this image so you'll know..
i always have my camera with me. :p

and now,you're in love with the unit too, don't you?? ---->

back home.intermittent internet connection again and again. tech support group recommends disconnection and switch to another network.. it's ok anyway. don't like their service too..
will be temporary offline for the next few days, dont know how long, until such time i have new inet connection. :(
my diet is working well, lost 5pounds already... =)
oh, its President Obama in the news.. I love Obama, im not carried away by his popularity. i just love him for so many reasons.. kudos!!
meyz is about to take an entrance exam for secondary.. with high hopes, she can make it with my support and prayer..
"day by day, getting used to with with my short hair
a day in my life with a view.. tomorrow is another day.. dream big.. its free. =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

sheltering tree

one morning

What a senti morning for me. This morning while I was having my coffee, I viewed some pics and i got stuck into this. I just don't know what came over me that i became so emotional. :'( Or masyado lang ako sentimental even when my kids were rushing to school not to get caught by the bell and giving me a quick kiss for goodbye. How crazy it was for me, when I said that my life is so empty when in fact i have this silly little girl and a thoughtful ate meyz in my life. Sooner than i ever realize, I will look up and no longer have a naughty little jill cuddling mom before she sleeps, or asking mom for lullabyes, like her "ate" now, she's bigger than mom. I can't take back her younger years. Sooner they will be busy involved in their own lives.
This morning, I had a hard time waking them up for a breakfast... hhmmnn..
My sister who works beyond eight hours in the office has been telling me she had this guilt feeling of being a partime mom. So, how incredibly lucky i am to be home now and stuck in the same old daily routine.

This is what her mornings look like when she's in good mood. The bed later will be a mess. She's wearing old pajamas and kinda ugly and i love to watch her in this cutey attire..

thoughts affect moods


Thoughts Affect Moods

Have you ever wondered why you become depressed? I would like to give you a little test to help you analyze yourself.

The Thought-Analyzer Test

1. When I am happy, I have been thinking _______________ thoughts.
2. When I am sad, I have been thinking ________________ thoughts.
3. When I am angry, I have been thinking _______________ thoughts.
4. When I am depressed, I have been thinking _____________ thoughts.

The answers are:
1. happy
2. sad
3. angry
4. depressing

It is so profoundly simple that it is simply profound. The way we think will affect the moods we are in. (Kent Crockett, The 911 Handbook, Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2003, 78)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

weekdays and i'm sick.. :'(

i'm feeling terribly sick but still managed my daily routine.. and who else will do but myself.. a little rain shower yesterday maybe had caused me this headache.

will go back again in bed for rest and hope to have a good sleep after a hot cup of milk.. :'(

Monday, February 16, 2009

the road of life

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My very special valentine..

Nothing is more special that spending valentine's day with truly special..

Theme: Hamon ng Pagkakaiba-iba: Pananagutan, Kasama Ka
"The Challenge of Diversity: My Accountability"

at 7:30am, we were already at UP Balara, I thought earlier that the event will be at Eco Park. Nevertheless, still a good place..

"Handog Pagmamahal at Camp Pagibig"

sitting on a grass ground

while others were looking around, Rosalia quickly made a very nice pose when she saw me about to click my camera.

helping rosalia on her way up..

from the hand of a special, an artwork comes out naturally that voices out what's inside their heart and mind

another piece.. i must admit i really can't draw one like this..
i am but an amateur photographer.. :p

meyz posed after a camera with other classmates.

other kids were busy

and meyz was reading something.?

colors.. colors...

looks like beads...
made out of colorful rolled paper
bringing out the creativity in every child

games... games..
hulla hoop...

she's a jolly person.. giving out all her dance steps

away from the rest of the crowd with her 2nd cup of cookies and cream mcflurry..

a ground sit just before the mass around 6pm

from behind.. where else??

interpretative dance.. "tao, lupa, hayop, bagay, magkakaugnay...

"ang tanging yaman"

as they danced with their own production number

campfire being lead by QC Mayor SB, and gave a short inspirational message..

there were some fireworks disply.. the event ended with candle lighting at the pool...

It was a very special valentine for me, more so very inspiring.
So what makes your valentines day special?

Friday, February 13, 2009

missing something...

missing something and will miss more in the coming days....

my hair....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

something to ponder..

Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same."
~Flavia Weedn, Forever

just another day in my life..

Lazy day for me, but the thought of going out tomorrow with heavy traffic will be more inconvenient. it's Friday and pre-valentine's day.
Just dropped by sa gift shop and bought two pieces of huggable pillows, for my lovely daughters, a gift offering after mass on Saturday. Have full lunch and headed home.
Ooh, sobrang traffic sa Dangwa! Sign of nearing valentine's day sa kalyeng eto ng Manila, known for local manilenyos as "Bulaklakan ng Maynila," ang drop off point of flowers coming from Tagaytay and Baguio. Folks, lovers, and flower shop-owners are rushing to this place to buy flowers for their loved ones..
Picked up my daughter from tutorial.. home.. online..

some pix of what i bought..
aren't these cute?!
a simple gift..
with their names printed on it..
just a little below 100 for one piece
but the thought of gift itself, priceless..

for ma'am..
i wanna be a teacher's pet..

and a gift for myself, a flip-flops... I lost my old one, the other pair is still missing, so i bought this. the store offers different colors and varieties. I've been choosy, I just don't know why i end up with this. Hmmn, i think i need to like it though. Can't afford havaianas. anywayz, need to spend a little time to visit buffspa for this stuff. :)

These are just simple things today that i spiced up, and i know in later days, these simple things will bring back memories on how i spent my day and what day i have had.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

something to reflect..

"Don´t let someone becomes a priority in your life, when you're just an option in their life... Relationships work best when they are balanced."

my point of view

In one tv show I stumbled with, “be aware of blogs” was featured. As a member of this blogspot, I know the responsibility attached in it. My purpose is, just to log down my day to day life and on a later date, I have this documented journal on what have I’ve done all these years. In few days time, I’ll be blogging more about being mom, im just too excited, and i really love it. I was thinking of an option, to a little more private journal, but doesn't mean in scared too, of course not! Nothing to be aware. The reason within is just expressing oneself. "Freedom has no boundaries, but the price of it should be responsibility." Maybe, they were discussing about one particular site, the controversial “not so talented delfin.” Forgive me to drop down name, but t’was much publicized and was in hot news before. So it’s the blogger not the blog itself to be aware of. So, enjoy blogging! =)

To add to this post..

Many years back, I was already into blogging??? not for the world but only for myself. During idle time in the office, I put down my daily activities and saved in a diskette. You see, my passion. :) I don’t know the capacity of that diskette, i forgot. LOL.. (it was 8" floppy disk, then 3.5", now a USB flash drive and flash memory card) Internet is yet to be discovered that time.

I'm into writing mood today.. =)

i told myself not to write about this, but i think this will be a little help. a seminar on real state would be an answer to use this time worthy in idly space. my friend has been asking me to attend a few hours training and have my internet maximized by posting the real state on the website, hence, i’m starting to learn how to use it. gotta few knowledge in pre-selling. =) starting to love my new found career..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

capture those moments

this used to be her favorite.. a Fisher Price dollhouse

i can still recall the excitement in her eyes the first time she had this..

but now, she seldom plays her dollhouse..

just caught her playing this and took a quick shot,
she'll be growing up soon and this will be left stock with old stuff..

a date on valentines day

got a plan for valentines day. we'll be going to eco park to attend the program together with special children, not an expensive dine in a fancy restaurant or a valentine get away in a expensive resort. it could be simple but will surely touch your heart. and so this valentine, will be truly special for me, special in many ways. I was inspired last year by these special children when they performed on stage. Something reflects, that we're here in this world playing different role and connecting part of ourselves to another. I promise to post and upload picture.. See you there!!

lunar eclipse last night

A lunar eclipse happened last night between 8:36 - 10:00pm. We never got the chance to see the eclipse as the clouds totally covered the sky. Eclipse comes in our life, and we know that this eclipse just passes by. In lunar eclipse, a part of moon turns into gray. As i have to quote, "gray is just saddest as blue, so as life sometimes."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

for my cousin, Sarah.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

My cousin,Sarah, will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. I don't know how to greet her a happy birthday since, losing a father is just so sad, and at this point of time, she is still in the stage of missing her father she dearly loved.

I went home last Thursday to attend the funeral.. "to tio tancing.. may you rest in peace." He's been a great father to them.

It feels sad, but we of course expect that life can't live forever. It seemed to me, when my parents died, one chapter of my life has come to an end. I felt sad of course, but somehow accepted, that they both rest in peace together. They died of serious sickness, both cancer. Just feeling sad sometimes, that they're not around to share our present lives and see my children as well.

To my cousin, my childhood friend, my bestie, my online friend, i know exactly what you feel. And through this, im greeting you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I can't visit your site yet, i know what youre into at this moment. God bless you always.

P.S. hi cuz, can i post our old picture here, during recog in elementary days? i was in pink dress.. ? hehe. remembrin good old days. i just viewed it in your multiply.. love that picture, half kidding.. Smile. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My daughters advocacy

My daughter is applying for scholarship program. At her young age,only 10, seeing her pursuing application for secondary scholarship is extra-ordinary. She opened the website and e-mailed necessary information. I was never surprised when i read in her saved documents about the problem our country is facing, garbage and environment. I am aware that the essay she wrote in 5 pages application form, comes from her mind and heart. I watch her grow and I know how she is being affected whenever she watched news about the environment. In her essay, she detailed her role and to support the advocate in preserving nature. My daughter never stop to amazed me. Even if she is not granted to that sholarship program, seeing my daughter with her dreams, her eagerness and awareness in nature, is already a reward for me. You have my full support ate meyz.. unfinished